On Making New Tool Hafts & Handles

I am certain that I'm not alone in the challenge of cleaning up a space when faced with the discovery of unfinished projects. Yesterday I was cleaning the shop and found the pieces for several repair jobs had been set down (and forgotten) on my workbench. Do we find new "homes" for these items (and... Continue Reading →

On Making a Folding Table

A good project for anyone with a little more than Beginner's level woodworking skills.

The resulting table is suitable for a meal for two, doing on-site illumination, or keeping any number of smaller items off of the ground.

On Making a Six-Board Chest

Six-board chests, or blanket chests, were common and utilitarian pieces of furniture listed frequently in household inventories and seen in the backgrounds of medieval domestic images.  They are relatively simple to make and can be inexpensive, yet sturdy and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  In the SCA, they are very useful for the dual purposes... Continue Reading →

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