Throughout the making of every piece of mobilier I’ve created, I have found chisels to be essential for paring the cheeks and shoulders of tenons, wasting-out mortises, and forming the dado (groove) on the sides of drawers.

Chisels carve or cut by virtue of a single-inclined plane (i.e. beveled on only one side) blade and force provided by hand or through the assistance of a striking mallet.

Mortising forged by the author from low-carbon steel. Handle turned by the author from reclaimed hickory.
Chisel (c. 1500) Photo courtesy of the United Kingdom Portable Antiquities Scheme; PAS_SWYOR-1DD878
Johann Krauß (d. 1669) using a chisel to pare the cheeks of a mortise. He is striking the chisel with a mallet. Nurnberg hausbuch, Mendel II, folio 156 recto.

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