A Processional for Gerald

The Priory of Saint Catherine, assembled for Gerald's elevation to the Order of the Laurel. Having written lyrics for two peerage elevations before, I had started to feel comfortable in composing them. So when Dame Cristiana asked me to help with Gerald's surprise elevation, I jumped at the chance to write something for this dear... Continue Reading →

A Processional for Disa

  Writing Disa’s processional hymn was the most challenging and enjoyable piece of writing I have done in a long time.  I really wanted the music to contribute to the authenticity of her ceremony.  My goal, therefore, was to produce a piece which would have been unquestioningly plausible for 9th century Birka. Which proved nearly... Continue Reading →

A Processional for Aelisia

As a Beginner-level instrumentalist, I am very challenged in writing lyrics (and I don’t write music at all). So when asked to write music for Aelisia’s procession I had to clarify that I could write lyrics to someone else’s music given sufficient time and access to a recording of the tune (as well as, of... Continue Reading →

Daedin’s grant of demesne: an actual charter!

And now for something completely different.   Around the time that Aelisia and I became the baronage of Glymm Mere, Her Excellency ban-Jarla (Countess) Daedin had taken a fledgling group of members under her wing.  Through her tutelage, they learned about the SCA and about the joy found in Service.  In thanks for the good... Continue Reading →

Olcan’s Championship Scroll: 2015

In 2014 (anno societatis XLIX), the heavy fighting championship for the Barony of Glymm Mere in the Kingdom of An Tir was won by the honorable lord Olcan Mac Meanma, known affectionately as Olcan "the Gentle".  He served us well for a year with the title 'Shield of Glymm Mere', at the end of which... Continue Reading →

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